Service Overview

What is Mahogany Songs?

Mahogany Songs is a curated music distribution service from the team behind Mahogany (Mahogany Sessions, Mahogany Live, Mahogany Records, Mahogany Creative) that works exclusively with unsigned artists to distribute their music to streaming/download/social platforms globally as well as provide tools, resources and perks.

Why should I distribute my music through Mahogany Songs?

We are an independent music company that for over 15 years has worked passionately with artists at all levels – our first focus as an organisation is to create the best possible experiences for artists to be discovered by fans.

This service is is run by a passionate team of music curators, and through that we offer global distribution, reporting & accounting, non-exclusive sync licensing to Film, TV and Advertisers, opportunities for promotional exposure across the Mahogany audience network as well as exclusive perks to help unsigned artists on their development.

Why do I need to apply?

We need to ensure we can truly support Mahogany Songs artists, and provide best-in-class service which means we can only take on a certain number of artists that we know we can support and grow.

What is the criteria for becoming a member?

There are some basic requirements that we look for such as you having an active profile on social media, but music is a feeling and we make our decisions based mainly on instinct. Importantly we are not concerned about how many streams or followers you currently have. We will only release your music if we feel we can make a meaningful contribution to your career

How long does it take before I hear back after my application is submitted?

We endeavor to review all applications within 7 days of receiving them. At peak times this may take a little longer, but we know you have music you’re keen to release, so we will be respectful of that and come back to you as soon as we possibly can.

What happens after I’m accepted into Mahogany Songs?

Once you’ve been accepted, you will receive an email from the membership team. There will be a simple agreement for you to sign electronically, and there will be some follow-up questions regarding release dates as we prepare to deliver your releases.

What if I’m not accepted?

Artists who are not accepted will also receive an email from the membership team outlining the reason why. Commonly this can be down to quality of the audio, certain genres which we may not currently support or some additional factors.

Does my membership expire?

We are in for the long game, so once you’ve been accepted you’re in the club and we look forward to working with you on your future releases (but only if you want to).


What streaming and social platforms do Mahogany Songs distribute to?

Working with Believe Digital, we distribute your music to the world’s leading music services as well as exciting new ones – this includes but is not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, TikTok, Instagram, Tidal, Shazam and many more around the world.

What is the minimum lead time for getting my music released?

We ask for a minimum of 4 weeks to get your music online. When it comes to lead time though, it really is a case of more-is-more, so if you can give us 8 weeks, we’ve got more time to prepare your release and prepare the best possible pitch to the music services.

How quickly can my music be delivered to DSPs (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, etc)?

We are focused on service. If you’re looking to just get your song out as quickly as possible, Mahogany Songs might not be the best choice for you. If you want your release to be uploaded with support and care, give us 4-8 weeks and we’ll do everything we can by you.

How is my music pitched to editorial at DSPs (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, etc)?

Once the release has been successfully ingested, we encourage all artists to pitch to Spotify using the Spotify for Artist app (details here) which allows artists to get their music into the system and in front of the editorial playlist team to review.

We also pitch your music to editorial teams at streaming and download services, which is why we advise all artists to input as much information as they can during their application process so that our team have all the information they need about you.

I haven’t released any music yet, how do you make sure my release is on the correct profile once it’s released?

If this is your first ever release, firstly congratulations and we’re honoured to be part of this journey with you, but importantly you can create your artist profile on DSPs without any release yet – and during your application its important to include the URLs to your profiles so that we can link your music to them.

How will my music be considered for sync opportunities in Film, TV and Commercials?

We are proud to represent your songs non-exclusively for sync opportunities as part of the Mahogany Songs family. There are certain registrations that are necessary to ensure your songs are eligible, such as registering with your local PRO (Performing Rights Organization), but as long as everything is in place we will be putting you forward when we are approached by music supervisors – and notifying you immediately if there is any interest.


What is the royalty split if I license my song through Mahogany Songs?

We operate a net revenue share model which means we only make money if you make money. The split we take varies based on the length of time we work with you and how much resource is required to turn the dial.

How am I paid my royalties?

You will receive accounting either quarterly or bi-annually (you decide) and receive your statements via email – you can invoice us and we’ll get your money paid straight into your designated bank account.

Is there a minimum amount of income required to be generated before I get paid?

We are unable to pay anything less than £100 as the costs of accounting and sending the money to you would outweigh the amount due to be paid.

Do I need to send an invoice for my royalties?

Yes we will need you to invoice for your hard earned money once you’ve received your accounting.

I’m living outside of the UK, is that an issue in terms of getting paid?

No, not at all. We can pay you in any currency. We’re not equipped to pay in Bitcoin or any Crypto just now though.

Where and how do I enter my bank details for payment when I apply?

We don’t charge for our service so won’t be needing your bank information on sign up. When you receive your first round of accounting, however, you will be invited to invoice for your royalties, at this point we will require your bank information so we can send you your well deserved income.

Can I choose to pay different people royalties from one song?

Yes we can take care of all that as long as we have the information from you from the get go.


How long is the license term if I release through Mahogany Songs?

Our minimum term is an exclusive 1 year license to represent your song globally, after which you can transfer your song to another distributor or remain with Mahogany Songs. The longer our term with you on the recording, the more royalties you retain, and we will grow together.

Are we able to negotiate a different royalty rate?

Once you’ve been accepted, and we’ve had a chance to assess the opportunity we have to work on your music, we will send your terms over. There are a few variables here, but we’ll make the best offer we can.

I’ve just been signed to a record label and they have licensed my entire back catalogue, what happens next?

That’s great news! Just let us know, and as soon as your term is completed, we will work with your new partner to transfer the song and streams over to them.


What is a Transfer?

We believe that songs are timeless, and a lot of great songs get lost in the system and don’t get the listens they deserve. At Mahogany Songs, we offer a process whereby you can transfer your songs from an existing distributor over to us – we then set to work on those songs to get them heard.

Do I have to transfer my catalogue?

Absolutely not, it’s an optional service for all of our members – and if you want to transfer some/all catalogue later down the line, that’s also fine just contact the membership team.

Are my streams, artwork and data transferred during a Transfer?

Yes, your release will look exactly the same and with all information preserved.

How do I move my music to Mahogany Songs from another distributor?

To transfer, simply select that option in our Application Form (LINK) and you’ll be given clear instructions on what you need to do.

How are my songs promoted if I want to deliver more than one song at a time (E.G EP or Album release)?

We are happy to explore your back catalog and are set up to receive transfers. You can get the process started via the Application and we look forward to looking back at all the great music you’ve made.

What do I need in order to have my song distributed by Mahogany Songs?

A fully mastered audio of your single, high resolution artwork, and all necessary information (‘metadata’) about the track. If there are more clips and versions that can be helpful for us to add value on different platforms but we’ll be in touch about these once you’re in the club.